Hello! My name is Anna and I am 15 years old. This is my blog about my year in the US. I chose to go to the US with an organisation called EF (Education First) and this blog is for me to look back on, to answer any questions anyone might have, for my family and friends to read so they can find out what I'm doing and maybe make other people want to go on an exchange year too!

Hello from me!

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So this will be the blog I will be trying to keep updated during my year in America, but I can start with telling a little bit about myself and what I know and feel about my year abroad.
Well my name is Anna and I'm 15 years old, well.. my birthday is July 12th so not yet but pretty soon, I have two cats and I live in Stockholm. I decided to go on my year abroad because I skipped a grade when I was 6 because I knew how to write and read, which is what you learned in the grade I skipped, so I've been going to school with people a year older than me, and I didn't want to graduate when I was 17 so this was my solution (little did I know it was going to be so exciting even before I left).   
   Mainly, I will probably be posting my everyday and my feelings on here, but I don't know yet, we'll see! 
Oh I know the blog is in Swedish, I didn't think that far when I made it, so hopefully my English readers will understand, else I will explain! haha. So that's that, feel free to comment or to add me on Facebook, and if you found me through the EF Exchange Year group, please do talk to me, I need MORE PEOPLE TO FREAK OUT TOGETHER WITH hahahaha. Let's end this post now!
Oh and this is me!


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God luck! Hopefully, you don't freak out so much:))

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