Hello! My name is Anna and I am 15 years old. This is my blog about my year in the US. I chose to go to the US with an organisation called EF (Education First) and this blog is for me to look back on, to answer any questions anyone might have, for my family and friends to read so they can find out what I'm doing and maybe make other people want to go on an exchange year too!

Hello America!

Publicerad 2014-07-24 09:52:32 i Allmänt,

So as you might've figured I'm in America right now! I came here yesterday around 4:30 pm (my time) and it's honestly been kind of a hell for me! I've only had bad luck! My baggage handle broke off
there was a massive thunderstorm and tons of rain the day we arrived

 and my adapter doesn't work with almost any of my chargers.... Other than that! It's all been great! ;) 
It's currently now around 3 am(9 am in Sweden) in the morning which is the time I would usually get up in Sweden so my head is messing with me! I love it here and in a few hours I'm gonna get to breakfast and then class!! Yay! 

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